I Miss Her

I posted a Missed Connection on Craigslist today. Click here to read it, and if you know her, please tell her I'd like to see her again.

May 7 CLARIFICATION: The Missed Connection was about Spring--the season! It wasn't a real girl--I thought that was clear. Guess not. Thanks for all of the concerned e-mails and phone calls though.



Four days ago Josie started lounging in the sun in our snow-free yard.
Three days ago I took the studded snow tires off my car.
Two days ago the BBQ talk started (only in Alaska does 40 degrees in April = time to fire up the grill).
Yesterday it was 45 degrees and sunny.
Today it dumped over 12 inches of wet/fluffy/perfect-snowball snow.


A-Changing Times,They are

Spring is here.
Snow is melting.
Lots of sun, even at night.
People are wearing shorts.

New boss Jeff just started.
Co-worker Sharon is moving back to Chicago.
Assistant Matt is going to law school.
Work will be a lot different soon.

I'm mad at a friend.
I won a motion.
I lost a hat.
I got new bath towels.

Two couples I thought would last didn't.
Old friends in Boulder had a baby.
My mom met Alli's mom, husband, and infant daughter.
That was weird.

People keep moving away.
My dog got real old real fast.

The Office is back on.
So is Lost.

Wilco is coming to town.
My brother is graduating from medical school.
I like it here right now.
I still don't know what I'm doing.


Sprung, Broke

Due to my second bout with food poisoning in the last three weeks, my Spring Break '08 adventure in Florida has been extended a day. I was supposed to arrive back in AK tonight. Instead, the journey home begins tomorrow with a three-hour drive straight through Alligator Alley and the Everglades to the airport in Miami. I feel like I'm about to drive right into a Carl Hiaasen novel (I know at least one of you will get that reference).

It's been a great vacation. Andrew and Evan, my two younger brothers, and I have not been under the same roof for an extended period of time in who-knows-how-long. We had a blast and very easily fell back into our standard operating procedure of constantly teasing and making fun of one another. I hadn't seen my dad or grandfather in a couple of years, so some quality catching-up time was long overdue with them as well. Though, I did get into a heated argument with my dad during a game of Scrabble over whether "ho" was a word. Dad refused to believe that it was in the common parlance. "It's slang," he argued to no avail, despite what the Scrabble Dictionary may or may not have said.