Early January Overheard In Anchorage

-Hipster Guy at Coffee Shop to Other Hipster Guy at Coffee Shop: "At least your cyberstalking is paying off by bringing you closer to people."

-Woman at Party Describing One of Her Favorite Writers: "She's big on the internet, but in a good way--not in a nipple slip sort of way."


Dontcha Think

I've been really busy and haven't had much time to blog. I've been meaning to write a post explaining why I've been so busy, but I've been too busy.  Isn't that ironic?* I don't really know. What I do know is that it is most certainly not a Catch-22.**

*I've always wondered why that Alanis Morisette/Dave Coulier (funny Uncle Joey from Full House) thing isn't a bigger deal. It should be one of the biggest celebrity scandals of all time, right?  Think about it : Uncle Joey was the guy that broke Alanis' heart. Unlce Joey! He was the guy from the song! And that song was HUGE when it first came out. HUGE! At the time, would anyone have guessed that she was singing about going down on Uncle Joey in a theatre? No way. Maaaaybe, we would have believed it was about Uncle Jesse. Maybe. But Uncle Joey was not even in the realm of possibility. I can't think of a bigger surprise. Yet, we still don't care. Maybe it's because they are Canadian.

**Inside joke.

Sadly, my excuse is not exciting in the least. I have a new job, and blogging from there doesn't seem appropriate--it wasn't technically appropriate at my last job either, but I felt like I could make a much stronger free expression argument under those circumstances.  I'm also teaching again this semester, so most of my free time is spent preparing for the two classes I'm responsible for. That leaves me with not a lot of time for my little internet writing hobby.  Still, I post more frequently than Myster does, and I feel pretty good about that.*  McGeez has also slowed down.  What is it? Are we getting too old to blog? I don't know if that's the reason for this writing downturn, but I definitely feel much older these days. Case in point: I now prefer shirts with a button-down collar.  Sigh.

*But she has a better excuse



Nothing's Shocking

McGwire did steroids; Palin does Fox. Too bad those aren't reversed, because that would be awesome.