Strangest Cross-Promotion Ever?

On the heels of announcing the revolutionary breadless fried chicken and bacon sandwich (in which two pieces of fried chicken replace the bread, and which is surprisingly (and shamefully) healthier than some fast food salads), KFC née Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced Buckets for the Cure, a promotion whereby 50 cents from the purchase of each special pink bucket of fried chicken will be donated to help fight breast cancer.  

There seems to be something inconsistent about encouraging people to go out and eat lots of fried chicken in order to help prevent breast cancer. I don't think there is any definitive link between breast cancer and fried chicken (breast jokes purposely omitted), but I'm fairly certain that eating lots of fried chicken can't possibly help the overall cancer rate in our country, nor is it going to do anything positive about our national tubbiness.  But kudos to KFC for trying to do something positive and if you are going to go out and eat a bucket of fried chicken, this gives you more reason to go to KFC than one of its competitors.  Ball's in your court, Popeye's.